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The Prince and the Nun
a nun in love

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Who is Jacqueline?

Jacqueline lives in the far north of Queensland, Australia, on the shores of the Coral Sea.  She has a house built for the tropical climate - on tall stilts and with walls that open to let the breeze blow through.

She lives with her husband who is easily managed, and her marmalade cat Rudy who definitely isn't.
Jacqueline writes romantic stories because she is an unrepentant romantic at heart.  But she also loves travelling to interesting places and meeting new people, and they find a place in her stories too.

When she is not writing, she is kept busy by her garden which is still maturing.  Right now her coconut trees look young and untidy
but come back in five years and they will be towering over the house.

And what could be more romantic than a coconut palm?
Every woman's guide
Light o'Love
Witches, fantasy,
Her Master's Voice
finding love on
a tropical island
Where Gold Lies
Pirates, treasure,
Foreign Affairs
It's sexy, but is it legal?
Falling into Queensland
Life and love
in Queensland
The Accidental Spy
Spies, terrorists and the
endless sands of
the Sahara

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Exciting times!
I am absolutely fed up with the traditional book trade pushing me around. I find I can put out a paperback book here in Australia that takes ages to make a profit for me, while the distributors and book sellers are making a fortune out of it. Well, times are changing and the age of the dinosaurs is over.
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Memories & Kisses
Memories & Kisses... read more
I think I have fallen in love with the girl on the cover of my latest book Memories & Kisses. She is beautiful, of course, but what really attracts me is her mystery. Iím sure it is no accident that she uses bright red lipstick. Take a casual glance at her picture, and you are caught by that luscious, loveable mouth. Who does she kiss? Just one lover? Or several? Does she kiss men or perhaps women? Would she kiss me on the right evening?
What do you think? Is she thinking about memories of love lost? Perhaps the memories made trying to forget a lost love? Even old memories revisited by old friends, united in a kiss that rekindles flames, passions and desire, too. Old memories are like old red wine - all the richer for time passed. And the kisses taste sweeter too. Three romantic and very sexy stories take us back to things as they once were, and forward to the wonderful times to come.

Memories & Kisses has three stories of old loves remembered; a grieving woman rescued from the sea, two childhood friends growing old friendship into passionate loving, and two long separated teenagers finding that time has mellowed them both and maturity has brought a passionate intensity they had never imagined. All three stories are of rekindled love that survived decades of longing and is now ready to burst into flame.
Muffy was born in San Antonio, Texas, to traditional parents. With two older brothers, she was the youngest, the family princess, indulged and pampered. Muffy attended the University of California on the Davis and majored in Business Management.
Muffy pretends to be a serious business person but, in real life, indulges her private interest in writing sexy short stories and sensual literotica.
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