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The Prince and the Nun
a nun in love

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Who is Jacqueline?

Jacqueline lives in the far north of Queensland, Australia, on the shores of the Coral Sea.  She has a house built for the tropical climate - on tall stilts and with walls that open to let the breeze blow through.

She lives with her husband who is easily managed, and her marmalade cat Rudy who definitely isn't.
Jacqueline writes romantic stories because she is an unrepentant romantic at heart.  But she also loves travelling to interesting places and meeting new people, and they find a place in her stories too.

When she is not writing, she is kept busy by her garden which is still maturing.  Right now her coconut trees look young and untidy
but come back in five years and they will be towering over the house.

And what could be more romantic than a coconut palm?
Every woman's guide
Light o'Love
Witches, fantasy,
Her Master's Voice
finding love on
a tropical island
Where Gold Lies
Pirates, treasure,
Foreign Affairs
It's sexy, but is it legal?
Falling into Queensland
Life and love
in Queensland
The Accidental Spy
Spies, terrorists and the
endless sands of
the Sahara

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Exciting times!
I am absolutely fed up with the traditional book trade pushing me around. I find I can put out a paperback book here in Australia that takes ages to make a profit for me, while the distributors and book sellers are making a fortune out of it. Well, times are changing and the age of the dinosaurs is over.
I've started a new line of sexy short stories by various authors. Click on the Yellow Silk Dreams banner, and start reading...
Blood, Sweat and Black Leather
Free Download!
     Jacqueline and a Sexy Year is a collection of articles and sexy stories you can dip into for fun. Or sit and read all at once, if you are like me. Here is the first part, completely free of charge - just click here

You can download in 3 different formats to suit Kindle, Kobo, Nook and all sorts of mobile devices.  Now you have something to keep you warm on the snowy evenings...
     Even though Christmas has long gone, you can still download your free copy of The Naughty List, a magazine of fun and stories from the authors over at Yellow Silk Dreams. Lots of things to be reading while the fire crackles in the grate and the snow falls outside. Just click the picture below to download your copy...
Our local computer wizard Dan -
You've got to love him!
I had never written a paranormal story before, let alone a gay, paranormal romance. Until I wrote Blood, Sweat and Black Leather. I infused a huge amount of passion and love, hoping the cover of this book would capture those emotions too. The discussions about the cover design began with what started as different interpretations of the story. My fabulous cover designer, Jacqueline George, and I exchanged different images, ideas. But when Jacqueline sent the latest design, I said, “Yes! This is it! This cover describes the love and passion that I wrote."
The man depicted on the cover, depicts youth and beauty with his smooth skin, absent of wrinkles, a full head of hair, and a toned, muscular chest. The gray stubble of his beard exposes the despair of aging. Yet it also has sexual appeal along with his leather attire. Especially his open black leather jacket revealing his striking, muscular chest. This reeks of the scent of male hormones. His eyes glare like beacons of light. Like they are searching his partner to dine on blood. Both his mate and himself finding eternal youth, beauty, sex, love and life as the Living Dead. Jacqueline brought out these ideas, and still managed to add the turbulent storm clouds in the background, illustrating the rare typhoon slamming into a disheartened man’s life on Hallowe’en.   
Pablo Michaels was born gay but led most of his life as a loner. He lived, worked and played in San Francisco for twenty years, writing in his spare time, discovering his
true voice in the genre in gay romance in the 1990’s. He shares his life with lover, husband and soul companion on a quiet country street amidst the hustleof the San Francisco Bay Area Metropolis.
Blood, Sweat and Black Leather - read more