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The Prince and the Nun
a nun in love

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Who is Jacqueline?

Jacqueline lives in the far north of Queensland, Australia, on the shores of the Coral Sea.  She has a house built for the tropical climate - on tall stilts and with walls that open to let the breeze blow through.

She lives with her husband who is easily managed, and her marmalade cat Rudy who definitely isn't.
Jacqueline writes romantic stories because she is an unrepentant romantic at heart.  But she also loves travelling to interesting places and meeting new people, and they find a place in her stories too.

When she is not writing, she is kept busy by her garden which is still maturing.  Right now her coconut trees look young and untidy
but come back in five years and they will be towering over the house.

And what could be more romantic than a coconut palm?
Every woman's guide
Light o'Love
Witches, fantasy,
Her Master's Voice
finding love on
a tropical island
Where Gold Lies
Pirates, treasure,
Foreign Affairs
It's sexy, but is it legal?
Falling into Queensland
Life and love
in Queensland
The Accidental Spy
Spies, terrorists and the
endless sands of
the Sahara

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Exciting times!
I am absolutely fed up with the traditional book trade pushing me around. I find I can put out a paperback book here in Australia that takes ages to make a profit for me, while the distributors and book sellers are making a fortune out of it. Well, times are changing and the age of the dinosaurs is over.
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     There is something for everyone here. Yes, sexy romance, because that is my favourite topic, but
Falling into Queensland, features travel and crime, and The Accidental Spy is full of terrorists and (of course) spies. There is even a life-style title - How to make Wild, Passionate Love to your Man. That's a handy book if you have a man at home to make love to. Or if you are a man, buy it for your partner and, believe me, you will be surprised at the results.
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Author goes crazy ~ gives books away for free
How Frustrating is this!
I've suddenly turned into a serious historian. Well, perhaps that's a bit of an exaggeration, but it's a serious book, all the same.

I was wandering around the internet one day (as you do!) and chanced across the original transcripts of the Nuremberg war crimes trials that followed World War II. I'm not a great fan of war stories but I am as curious as a cat. I dipped in, and was hooked.

What interested the author in me was the drama created by the biggest villain on trial - Goering - and the two prosecutors trying to cut him down to size. It was a courtroom drama worth a dozen of the artifical things you see on TV and I couldn't resist setting the story down, using the actual words from the transcripts. It is gripping stuff and I'm sure you will be as mesmerised as I was.
Once upon at time, somewhere in the world (but probably in Europe or the Americas) lived a beautiful lady.
And - guess what - her name was (is) Jacqueline George.

I'm pretty sure I found her by accident on Google but she wasn't there when I checked just now. Please, someone, tell me more about this lady. I really, really admire anyone who is brave enough to share a pic like this. Tasteful, sexy, and so generous... I wish I had done the same.

I'm guessing the picture was taken before colour became common - let's say post war but pre-1970. There are no clues from her clothes - they would be in fashion today and will still be in fashion fifty years from now.

What about her hair? Does that look 1960s to you? Or 1970s? It is important to know because, if she was, say, 22 years old in the picture and we are talking 1970, then she would only be 66 today. She could even be reading this...

I guess, like all of us, she would not be so sleek and juicy now but I'm willing to bet that some-one who started out sexy is still sexy today, even if she is a grandmother.

Can anyone find her for me? Please have another look at your grandmother (or mother, even) - you never know. And do please introduce me if you get lucky.