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Who is Jacqueline?

Jacqueline lives in the far north of Queensland, Australia, on the shores of the Coral Sea.  She has a house built for the tropical climate - on tall stilts and with walls that open to let the breeze blow through.

She lives with her husband who is easily managed, and her marmalade cat Rudy who definitely isn't.
Jacqueline writes romantic stories because she is an unrepentant romantic at heart.  But she also loves travelling to interesting places and meeting new people, and they find a place in her stories too.

When she is not writing, she is kept busy by her garden which is still maturing.  Right now her coconut trees look young and untidy
but come back in five years and they will be towering over the house.

And what could be more romantic than a coconut palm?
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That's good fun, especially when you check out all the other authors and the different ways they go about writing.
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Exciting times!
I am absolutely fed up with the traditional book trade pushing me around. I find I can put out a paperback book here in Australia that takes ages to make a profit for me, while the distributors and book sellers are making a fortune out of it. Well, times are changing and the age of the dinosaurs is over.
I've started a new line of sexy short stories by various authors. Click on the Yellow Silk Dreams banner, and start reading...
  We had to make a rush visit to Townsville last week-end. It's a long drive of ~800km (500 miles) and, as we left late on our return, we booked a place for the night at The Mill Milla Teahouse.  []
So, we did the long boring bit from Townsville up the coast to Innisfail and started on the Palmerston Highway. Whenever you visit this part of the world, you have to see the Palmerston. It climbs up from the coast to the Tablelands and must be one of the great drives of the world. You leave the sugar cane, banana and tea plantations behind and drive into the rainforest - magic!
Anyway, right at the top is the village of Milla Milla. A pretty place with wonderful waterfalls. the Teahouse turned out to be an old Queensland building with the homeliest atmosphere. The host, Ray, couldn't do enough to make us comfortable. He cooked us a fabulous steak dinner, and we drank far too much wine and beer.
In the morning, we had breakfast on the verandah, looking out over the greeen fields and the dairy cows. Breakfast was tasty and so big we did not need to eat again all day.
A quick visit to the neighbouring falls, and we were back on the road again. We will certainly visit again, and will probably schedule our trips around staying overnight there.
Sometimes you get lucky...

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Hi, everyone! I was nominated to contribute to My Writing Process Blog Tour by Blak Rayne who is a real powerhouse for us independent authors. Thank you for the nomination, Blak. Now, if you havenít read any of my books, I am a cranky author from North Queensland in Australia. This is a really beautiful part of the world, and I have coconuts growing in my garden. They are important and make me feel good every day.

1 - What am I working on?
Like most independent authors, I have had bad experiences with mainstream publishers. I find they are lazy and greedy, but most important, too stupid to recognise what wonderful books I write. Having given up on them, I started Q~Press Publishing. Its literary editor (me) thinks my books are fantastic.
Still, I am spending far too much time promoting and marketing my books, and writing suffers as a result.  I have recently resolved to sit down and write another full length book, about an author from up here who sits down to write a book teaching men how to be good lovers. Should be fun...

2 - How does my work differ from others of its genre?
What genre is that, now? Seriously, I tend to write romantic novels and, as I cannot think of romance without sex, they tend to be a touch erotic. Fine by me - I like reading books like that too. As to how they differ from other romantic novels, well, I have travelled and lived in other countries so my books are set all over the place. I want them to be realistic, and I try to give my readers a true picture of the country involved. I am devoted to real even when I am talking about magic and witchcraft. I have no patience with Twilight or Fifty Shades, because I canít believe in them.
Thatís the main difference - reality.

3 - Why do I write what I do?
Mmh - because I am nuts? Honestly, writing is hard, hard work and brings in approximately two cents per hour. No-one starts writing fiction for money (unless you work for one of the more polemical news channels - you know who I am talking about!)
So why write? Because I enjoy creating. My reward, I suppose, is a satisfied reader who leaves an appreciative comment. Doesnít that sound idealistic?

4 - How does my writing process work?
An idea will come to mind, and I mull over it for perhaps months before I write anything. When I finally sit down to write, I have an idea of what will happen but it is not set in concrete. New events or even new characters might pop into existence as I go, and I love that.
I had planned a book (The Prince and the Nun) and wanted the prince to get the nun into bed early on so the rest of the plot could play out. Do you think she would do what I told her? Not a chance. She turned out to be so strong willed that she did not permit it until the very end of the book, and even then it was on her terms only. When characters are allowed to have their own life like that, you know they will be good and memorable, and that is exactly how Therese turned out. If I had started with a rigid plan, who knows what she would have been like?
And then, once the writing is done, edit, edit, edit... I absolutely try to eliminate typos and clumsy English. Itís a duty to our readers - get things right!
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Enough from me. Now I'm going to hand over to two fine authors (and friends)...
Gemma Parkes is a fine writer, smart and sexy. Apart from writing sexy books, she loves the sun, skimpy clothes, good food and good friends. Her favourite films are Some Like It Hot and 9Ĺ Weeks, she likes the Smiths and is starting to get into Pink Floyd.

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Golden Angel is a busy, busy writer, and if she finds the time to do half the sexy stuff she writes about, she must be a tired lady by the end of the week.

She says she writes because otherwise all the voices in her head would probably make it explode.