Every woman makes love to her man with her heart, but just where do you learn how to do it with your mind and body too?  Here is a chance to peep into the sexy world between your man's ears, and lots of practical advice on what to do to drive him wild.

Now you can be the most skillful lover he has ever experienced...
How it all began...

    My editor had been musing on the fact that there are heaps and heaps of books instructing men how to love their women (don't we wish they would study them more carefully!), but very few that went the other way.  It seems that making love to a woman is difficult and needs to be learnt, while making love to a man is easy and every woman instinctively knows how to do it.

    If you think about it, that is very unlikely to be true.  You can only love men well if you understand them, and you have to admit that most women don't.

    If we know what our man is thinking, we mostly dismiss it as childish or the ravings of a sex maniac.  In fact, the way men think about women and sex has a logic all of its own, and when you examine it, it is not so crazy after all.
For most women, the only things that make football tolerable
    Of course we like men, at least most of the time.  We don't have to like everything about them all of the time, but in general, they are not so bad.  We love them, and it's only natural that we want to give them the very best loving we can manage.

    After all, getting their attention means fighting off a lot of competition - beer, fishing, football - and I haven't even started on the other girls!
So I set out a quest to find what a woman could do to give her man the very best of the best in bed (or on the sofa, or in the phone booth on the way home - whatever!)  Sometimes I want to cook the meal he especially likes, or take him out to a film that is more suited for him than me.  That's natural - I love him.  So what did I need to do to give him the special loving he dreams of?

I found two big surprises, which really should not have surprised me at all if I had sat and thought about them.
    Firstly, it was not difficult.  Men do not demand perfection - fortunately - and any woman can be the girl of his dreams.  All she needs is enthusiasm and a willingness to learn.

    Do you complain about the things your man would like you to wear (or not to wear, in some cases)?  When I thought about it, I had to ask myself why he wanted me in short skirts or a daring blouse.

    The answer was, of course, because he wanted me.  And if he wants me with Tabasco sauce, well why not?  Running around the house in stockings and very litle else is not such a big deal, and if it makes him happy...  (Oh dear, if my mother reads this, she'll kill me.)
...displaying you in the same way the picture frame displays the Mona Lisa
    The real surprise for me dawned slowly as I was writing the book.  I spent a long time quizzing my man, and he is responsible for a lot of the technical detail in the book.  I also questioned some of our male friends - the ones that would talk, at least - and added their feelings to the mix.  As I studied what it was that men desired in their hearts, I found that preparing good loving for him was very, very good for me too.

    Good love making is a matter of give and take, and the more I have thought about it, the better life has become.  It's so simple, and above all, it's fun!
Readers' Reviews
The writer really cares about women,  has a way of connecting with them, and  their insecurities,  and how they think and feel about themselves and the men with whom they share their beds and their lives.

I hope it is published fast enough; women who really want to please their men need to get their hands and reading eyes on it as fast as they can. It just might be the thing that helps them save that relationship they want to save.
Judy Ramsook
Sam Stone, author of  Killing Kiss,  recommends it for: All women - all ages
An amazing and intellectually entertaining book. A complete 'how to' for women who feel a little out of their depth in the world of size zero's. This book is for all women, all shapes and sizes and gives an empowering pep-talk to reassure us that we can look beautiful and be attractive to our man - with just a little effort.

The narrative is pacy, fun and very well written. Once I started reading, I couldn't put it down. It's full of practical advice, some of which makes you rhetorically reply - 'Yes I know that! - But why didn't I remember to do it?' There is also a very believable exposition on how men think. I frequently found myself nodding and laughing out loud at some of the things I recognised.

Definitely worth a read. And five stars from me!
Denise Carter - Cairns Post

  Judging by Jacqueline’s current offering, How to make Wild, Passionate Love to your Man, her marriage is both a happy and a sensuous one.
    The book, she claims, comes as a result of research conducted on her husband and some of the couple’s male friends.  Jacqueline seems such a thoughtful woman.  In her foreword, called Foreplay, she ponders what words to use to identify human genitalia, explaining why she uses the ones she does, and defending lecturing women on being more feminine by claiming to be an ardent feminist.
    Quick dash to the book’s contents.  There huge relief for the fuller-bodied female.  It seems men prefer a woman with a bit of a belly and a wobbling derriere.  Who knew, but they love our jiggly bits.
  The book begins by encouraging women to appraise their own bodies.  They are shown how to seduce men before being led to the realities of the bedroom where exactly what goes on between their men’s ears, not to mention their legs, is described in detail.
   Jacqueline is not shy about revealing intimate details of her private life.  With candour she tells of an encounter she had in her younger days that involved a car, her then boy-friend, and a banana, before positively blushing through the pages in remembrance of it all.
  ...Jacqueline George may be different to what we expected, but if she makes us feel good and appreciate the glories of being a woman, we may grow to like her quite a lot.
But my all-time favourite review came in an email out of the blue...

Hi Ms George, Just wanted to say how much my wife & I enjoyed your book, How To Make Wild Passionate Love To Your Man. I'm 74 my Wife 60, did wonders for us, Thanks D**** & F******

That email put the wind under my tail feathers for days.
Men Looking at Women...

What do men think looks sexy?

People as different as men and women are bound to have different ideas about what looks sexy. Men are believed to take in a whole-body image of a woman when they first see her. If she is interesting, they register an image of her sexual features - legs, butt, breasts - and then add hair and face. Interestingly, men find it difficult to recall details of what she was wearing or the color of her eyes. They retain a strong opinion of her attractiveness but often cannot tell you much beyond whether she was wearing a skirt or pants. It is as if they are more interested in the effect of her presentation than the details of the presentation itself. A woman seeing the same person is much more likely to be able to recall what she was wearing, perhaps because her mind is unclouded by the question of sexual attractiveness.

It follows that subtlety is probably wasted on men; it will be only the obvious that stays in their minds. There is not much point worrying about the color balance of the chiffon scarf you have wound about your neck to highlight your new blouse. He might remember that you had something around your neck but he will certainly recall that the cold had made your nipples stick out like thumbs.

Women look in acid scorn at the girl at the party who has the men hanging around her like dogs at a barbecue. She is dressed just like a slut, her skirt is too short, her breasts are halfway out of her blouse, and those heels are ridiculous. But hey, she is not sitting at home on Saturday night waiting for the phone to ring. She must be doing something right.

Men in bed dream about sex. Their minds are filled not with pictures of fashion statements but erotic images of women. Of succulent thighs, rounded hips, soft and swinging breasts, heavy feminine bottoms. And that is what they find sexy when they are awake as well.

Don’t Men care about Personality?

Nope. Not at first sight. An empty-headed bimbo will get as much attention as you do. Or probably more, because she survives by getting men to take care of her and she has had a lifetime of practice. But don’t be depressed; it doesn’t take much of a personality to catch a man but you will need one to keep him.

In the meantime, you must concentrate on understanding what men find sexy, so watch the bimbos and learn. It should not be too difficult. After all, you are smarter than they are, aren’t you?

Men are so Childish!

Well, yes, I can see why you might say that, but you would be wrong. Let me give you two reasons. Firstly, heterosexual men make up nearly half of the population. If they all have similar reactions to women (and they do, believe me) then you cannot call the reactions childish. They are part of the fundamental male spirit.

The second reason is that some of the very same men have painted masterpieces, created sublime music, ruled empires and written literature that endures for centuries. Nearer to home you have devoted fathers, solid carers and servers of the community, and quiet gardeners. Inside all of them, sometimes open for view and sometimes discretely hidden, is the same old Adam who would just love to reach out and caress the waitress’s bottom. It is simply the nature of the beast. You do not have to like the situation, just understand how it works.

Excerpt on Enjoying Oral Sex...

Clinton lied. A man might forget where he parks or where he lives, but he never forgets oral sex, no matter how bad it is.
Barbara Bush (Former First Lady)

You're the one I want to forever please
Lick you, suck you, taste you and tease
Rhonda - Forever Kind of Ecstasy

A Special Kind of Treat

Oral sex, or fellatio or giving head or a blow job if you prefer, is one of the most wonderful experiences you can offer your man. It is also one in which you have the strictest and most precise control of his ascent to orgasm, and the intensity of the orgasm itself. So it is essential that you teach yourself how to draw the last drop of ecstasy from it before you can hold your head up at your next parent teacher meeting, where you will be starring as the amateur courtesan who is rumored to put the professionals in the shade.

Having said that, you will be aware that fellatio can be a very contentious issue, even political. Fundamentalist Christians are joined by rabid feminists in either rejecting - or at least feeling very uncomfortable with - the whole idea. Never mind; as Homer Simpson said, ‘When the authorities warn you of the dangers of having sex, there is an important lesson to be learned. Do not have sex with the authorities.’

In fact, they are looking at it through very distorting lens. Although a woman on her knees in front of a man might appear servile, in fact she is definitely the boss. She has her hands on all the levers, and her man had better not forget it. After all, those are sharp white teeth wrapped around his cock and he should not take his woman for granted. She has total control over whether he gets lucky or not, and of the act itself. A man doesn’t ‘do oral sex’ on a woman; he receives it - if he is a good boy and shows sufficient gratitude afterwards.

And it is not just a one-way experience. You are meant to enjoy it too. One of the great experiences in life is sucking his small, soft grape into your mouth and letting it rest there while it grows into a swollen and hungry plum. Or feeling him taut and trembling, and knowing that every slight and clever movement of your mouth and hands is strumming the stretched nerves of his soul. What a feeling of power!

Starting from Basics

The first thing you have to do is get comfortable. You may be sucking his cock for some time so take a position that suits you both. Perhaps the best way is to have him sit on the edge of the sofa so you can kneel between his legs and have both access and freedom of movement. You can also lay him on the floor and lean over him, but this can get tiring after a while as you support yourself with one arm. Putting him on all fours and lying on your back with your head between his knees can be good, but only if his cock is neither too long nor too short. Too long will pin you to the floor by the tonsils, and too short means that you can only get enough of him in your mouth by continually lifting your head - again too much of a strain.

You should avoid any position that gives him too much opportunity for movement if you are restricted. You don’t want him to make an uncontrolled thrust as he comes unless you can move with it, so don’t get between him and a chair back! He really doesn’t need to move much during conventional fellatio as you are doing all that for him. A good compromise position is for both of you to lie on your sides, with a firm cushion under your head to lift your mouth up to the level of his cock. This way he can move a little, and you can relax your neck muscles.

However you position yourself, and whether you approach his cock from below, or above, or from the side, always remember that you can’t give a superb blowjob without your hands. Your hands are at least 50% of the experience so one or preferably both of them must be free to help.
Romantic American cover
Australian cover - we like comic!
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