The Venus School
Golden Angel

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Want to expand your horizons? Learn about pleasing yourself and your partners? Explore some kink? The Venus School of Sex is the place for you.
When Jessica signs up, eager to learn more about herself and her unexplored fantasies of being tied up and submitting to a dominant man, she has no idea that two of her co-workers are also going to be there as instructors. Justin and Chris have been wanting to get close to Jessica for a long time and they see this as their big chance for one of them to win her.
As Jessica delves deeper into sexual exploration she finds herself falling for her two hunky instructors and is even convinced to take their Menage Trois Class. Can she handle the two men or will she have to choose between them?

Publisher : Q~Press Publishing
ISBN : 9780992455705
Date : March 2014
Edition : Yellow Silk Dreams
Pages : 185

Customer Reviews
Amazon Reviews
“ If I'm going to sit and read a book and commit my time, I want it to have lots of pages to it.  ” ~ Amazon Customer ~ 11 reviewers made a similar statement
“ It has a great balance of sex and storyline.  ” ~ BekaB ~ 7 reviewers made a similar statement
“ I stayed up until three a.m. to finish this book and look forward to the next book in this series.  ” ~ Edwina J White  ~4 reviewers made a similar statement
I Love this book!!! This book got me hooked on erotic writings and have opened my eyes. The author gives wonderful details that have opened my eyes and made me open my mind as well. It is a great book that I will most likely read over and over. In fact I turn to it often for pointers. ~ Amazon Customer
Hot Story This is an amazing story. Great character development. If you set aside the disbelief of the basic premise of the existence a "School of Sex" (hey, this is fiction), then the rest of the story is quite believable. Golden Angel unfolds a story that is very captivating. Upon reading each chapter, you want to immediately read more to learn what happens next. A highly recommended erotic literature reading.
~ alleycat93
Love it
After the first chapter of this story, I was hooked. I must admit, the first read, I read it as quickly as I could, so I went back and read it all over again.
I just love the characters in this book and the ways they weave together. So many different aspects of erotica, there's definitely something for everyone to enjoy. Heck, you might even go into a scene not really thrilled about the action you're going to read about, next thing you might want to try it!
Solid 5 stars! Heck, I'd add a 6th star if I could. ~ Luni

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