The Secret Santa
Pablo Michaels

Waking amidst a cloud of white powder, Devon cannot believe what he beheld, an image of his childhood fantasy, a skimpily dressed hunk, portraying Santa Claus.

The Secret Santa, Erik, taunts Devon with erotic gestures in conveying Santa’s message for Devon to be enlisted as a Secret Santa. Devon must perform certain tasks to prove his love and loyalty to his lover, Peter. Continuously appearing and vanishing in a shroud of white powder, Erik guides Devon along his path to attain his goal. But Erik tempts him sexually, especially when Devon is exercising to perfect his body for Peter on Christmas Day.

Devon attempts to tell Peter about the mysterious Secret Santa but receives a disbelieving response. Through all the temptations and with approach of the big day, how does Peter react to the surprise Christmas Eve party which he did not want? Does Devon prove his love and loyalty to Peter?

Publisher : Q~Press Publishing
ISBN : 9780994346285
Date : November 2015
Edition : Yellow Silk Dreams
Pages : 33

Customer Reviews
An Uplifting Read
The Secret Santa by Pablo Michaels is a short sweet and romantic tale of two men, Devon and Peter, whose love life has become stale, due to their occupations. Peter, a salesman, works long brain-numbing hours in a department store, and Devon helps the needy. Both are, from what I gathered, middle-aged and living the average daily routine, all work and no play.
One morning Devon wakes to find a gorgeous scantily clad “secret Santa” standing in his bedroom—six-foot and sculpted like a Greek god—as the author describes. The self-proclaimed secret Santa who calls himself Erik has arrived just before Christmas to help Devon rejuvenate his love life.
The Secret Santa sends a positive message for monogamous relationships, as Devon remains wholly devoted to Peter even though Erik teases him sexually, almost on a daily basis. He honestly wants to restore his love life and takes Erik’s sage advice to heart. The author’s “revive our love” theme really inspired me as the reader, which made this short a fun and uplifting read. Also the description of all the delicious food made my stomach rumble; perhaps the author should’ve added a few recipes. ~ Aino Kusabi
I want a Secret Santa!! :) ;-)
Pablo is an amazing writer, his stories are so full of adventure and detail. With Secret Santa he pulls you right in, as if you are living the characters story. His way of pulling you in makes you feel the emotions of the characters and their how they become who they are. This story had its ohhhs and ahhhs for sure and even had me clenching my heart for the main character. Truly inspiring story with a huge climax that wanted to keep me reading until I reached the last page, of which I didn't want to end. Pablo really pulled and twisted this story into an awesome holiday adventure. I loved it!! Amazing job Pablo!!!  ~ Aurora Rose

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