Sister Therese is faced with a problem.  The castle she is caring for has been taken over by the Imperial Army, and Captain Prince Mefist is turning her world upside down.  He is going to billet soldiers in her domain, and that is not the worst of it.  He will have officers staying in the family apartments, and he wants to set up a bordello in the attic.

Therese is left alone to keep the soldiers away from her nuns, and protect the village people from the Army's depredations...
Read an
The castle of Montebello stands guard over the valley known as Krasna Dolina - Beautiful Valley.  You can see the tower with its gallery - Therese's favourite place to sit and meditate in summer.
The Prince and the Nun

I admit that I have never been a great admirer of nuns.  Not the women themselves but the whole idea that rejecting love and marriage necessarily turns a girl into a saintly person.  I never attended a convent school (thank God!) but my friend's stories about their nun-teachers certainly don't suggest that giving up sex brings tranquillity and gentleness.

I had idly wondered what would happen if a nun ever faced the choice between 'a fate worse than death' or death itself.  Or perhaps between 'a fate worse than death' and some innocent's death.  Surely even the most miserable bishop would advise her to sell her virginity on those terms.  Wouldn't he?
Now there was an idea to play with.  Let's back a nun into a corner and see which way she jumps.  Make her an astute  woman, a natural leader who cares for her flock and give her the choice.  Personally, I would not give two cents for any man or woman who sacrificed people for her principles.

So enter Therese von Falberg, daughter of a minor aristocratic
family from Saxony and now Mother Superior of a convent attached to the castle of Montebello.  War is coming, and the castle owner has fled, leaving Therese in charge.  She will have to deal with the Imperial Army when it occupies Montebello, and decide how to fight against her nemesis, Prince Franz Mefist.
The forest above Montebello in winter
Writing about Therese and Montebello was great fun.  The location was romantic - an ancient castle dominating the valley of Krasna Dolina and the village at the foot of the hill. The people were romantic, a mixture of old world villagers, soldiers, aristocrats and nuns. Above all, the season was romantic. Most of the story takes place in winter, the time of year when the cold and snow drive people indoors, and every trip outside becomes an adventure.

I really enjoyed playing with the history of Central Europe in the mid 20th century. My story did not follow the course of real events at all closely, but I have tried very hard to resurrect the society of the times. People where very mixed then, both ethnically and by class, and the community of Krasna Dolina was very colourful as a result.
I was lucky enough to spend some years in Central Europe and grew to love the countryside, and the overwhelming amount of history you find around every corner.  And I fell in love with snow, something we have not had here in Cooktown, Queensland. Not ever. Not even during the last ice-age. 

I was able to go cross-country skiing for the first time, and the sheer delight of swishing through snowy forests on a clear winter day...  I can just smell the air and taste the steaming borscht afterwards.  Ah, wonderful times!
Readers' Reviews   

This tale is set in the fictional castle Montebello somewhere in Europe around 1940, when war breaks out. 
The castle is seized by the Imperial Army, headed by Prince Mefist who decides to use Montebello because
of its strategic location. Prince Mefist soon demands the younger nuns for the officers' bordello and forces
Therese (Mother Superior Therese) to choose between giving in to his demands or he will seize women from
the local village.  Therese resigns to the inevitable and assumes her new position of Madam, thus ensuring her
continued support of the nuns.  Though soon enough Therese finds she is falling under the spell of the Prince. 
    You will need to keep an open mind when reading this story about a group of nuns who become
prostitutes.  This book is one of the more controversial erotic novels I’ve read recently.  The Prince and the
Nun offers another outlook on the oldest profession, with a twist!  Although at times Prince Mefist and his
sister, Wanda, are blasé about what is forced on these nuns, I still found this story kept me interested to
discover the fate of these women. It was well written and it displayed emotional depth and character
development, as well as the differing viewpoints of the various characters.
      The author does not intentionally set out to titillate her readers.  The Prince and the Nun is interesting and
there are some very HOT moments in the book with some very tasteful scenes.  The premise offered here is
that this may be a situation borne out of the necessity of war; these women simply have no other choice. 
    This book also centers on the story of Therese's sexual awakening through Mefist and his sister Wanda. 
With their help Therese is awakened to a life of deep sensuality, but also craving intimacy from the man she
loves, Mefist. Prince Mefist is a charismatic, handsome and debonair character who easily manipulates but
also treats people under his charge with care and kindness. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this book.

Aggie Tsirikas

Naughty, but Nice

    Fresh off of reading The Prince and the Nun, I find myself extremely satisfied, no pun intended! 
Jacqueline George writes vividly, giving you every pertinent detail imaginable, and giving you the ability to
visualize what you are reading.
     Although this novel can be classified as very erotic, it is erotic in all of the good meanings of the word.  It
is not disturbing in any way, and in fact, Jacqueline relates to what we know we all feel, but are sometimes too
uncomfortable to speak of.  But that is how she really pulls you in to this story, because her characters are
sincere and convincing as being uncertain and a bit frightened, as well.
    The setting for the story was perfect, a mysterious old castle, with many secrets holed up within.  A cold
winter atmosphere that tends to bring people closer together.  This tale was actually very historical and
interesting, and as such, I was glued to it for two days during any of my down time. 
    A great deal of emotion actually sparks the passion within this work, and I hope that is never overlooked.  I
could not pull myself away from this piece due to the value that Jacqueline places on all of her characters. 
Every woman can relate to a character in this novel, whether it be Therese or Portia, and every man will love
trying to relate to the women in this novel.  Therese, the Mother Superior, turned regular woman, craving
intimacy from the man she loves, is fantastic.  She keeps the novel going because she is so painfully human. 
If she were a real woman, I would even find myself kneeling at her feet.  Mefist is charming and debonair, the
kind of man that inspires many a girl’s imaginations, I'm sure.  You truly begin to care for these characters the
more you get to know them, and that in itself is worthy of a good read, not to mention the bonuses you get
when reading Jacqueline's work- she always adds a little something extra to keep the audience happy. 
  This was a wonderful read, and I would recommend it to anyone who has a naughty side, even if that may
mean one that is secretly tucked away.
Jennifer Bullard, Philadelphia

A Good, Sexy Romance
    The Prince and the Nun is a sexy romance revolving around Therese and her amour Prince Mefist.
Therese starts the story as Mother Superior of a convent in the castle.  A war is on and, when the castle is
needed by the army, she pledges to help any way she can - not realizing this would lead to her being the
Madam for the Officer's Club and oversee the conversion of her youngest prettiest nuns from sisters of mercy
to prostitutes. 
    Through all the ups and downs every good novel has Therese keeps her wits about her using her influence
where she can to keep the ravages of war to a minimum.  One of the interesting things to watch is how she
uses her administrative skills and Christian compassion that she learned in the nunnery to manage a bordello
and the army officers that patronize it.  She is so resourceful that we are sure whatever her future holds
Therese will be up to it. 
    The central story is Therese's sexual awakening.  In the nunnery she gained maturity still a virgin. With the
help of Prince Mefist and his sister, Wanda, Therese is awakened to a life of deep sensuality.  Paralleling this
theme is the change in the girls from shy, quiet nuns to bawdy, self confident young women who aren't afraid
to **** when needed and who have learned to enjoy all kinds of sex from the Army Officers.
    The novel is an enjoyable light read.  The descriptive writing is excellent.  Jacqueline really catches the
society of the village and the mountains surrounding it.  The sexy parts are really hot.  A party at the Officer's
Club where Therese organizes a special show always brings me a smile when I think about it.  I don't want to
give the end of the story away but this party ends with cancan dancers and, a JoJo Jinx trademark, no panties! 
    If you are looking for a light sexy romance to pass an idle evening The Prince and the Nun fits the ticket. 
Jacqueline George delivers an entertaining story centered on a most interesting heroine who often takes
unusual choices in difficult situations.
JoJo Jinx at

Erotic, but not pornographic, January 5, 2005
    A story of forbidden pleasure, intrigue, and lust.  The author clearly has talent.  Mother Theresa must face
the fact that the army has taken over the convent.  There is no way to make them leave.  Forced to either give
up her young virgin sisters to the army or have them rape the wives and daughters of the village (whose
families might not be so forgiving) she chooses to sacrifice her sisters.  The sisters are brought to a sexual
awakening, and the fulfillment and joy that sex can bring by the officers of the prince.  Theresa faces demons
of her own; she alone is responsible for what has happened to her sisters.  She must face her growing feelings
of sexuality, and her attraction to the prince. 
    The prince’s sister seduces her, but the prince himself remains aloof.  Her confusion over her sexual
awakening and her growing feelings for him, are multiplied by his desire to have her come to him of her own
free will.  He does not want Theresa for just a playmate he has that in his own sister.  He wants Theresa for his
own.  She must make the choice for he will not have her blame him in the end.  An excellent story, really worth
Diane E. Griffith (Romulus, MI USA)

The Renaissance Literary Editor's Comment
    Jane Gallion, literary editor and author of Biker and Going Down calls The Prince and the
Nun "the finest thing I have read, combining history, characterization & erotica--believable
erotica--in decades.  The characters are fine, the plot is excellent, the good guys believable
without being insipid, the bad guys abominable without being demonic.  The story line gives
insight into aspects of the period I had never known before and hardly suspected.  Higher praise
I don't think I could find for a literary work."

Twiddly Bits
   A couple of months ago, Jacqueline George sent me an email asking if I would read and review
an erotic book she had written. I agreed to do so, but made sure to tell her that it would have to
wait until things settled down after the winter holidays and the New Year. So, I finally read it --
and really liked it!
    The book is about Therese von Falberg, Mother Superior of the Sisters of Montebello, of the
Order of St. Mary Magdalene. Set "somewhere in central Europe" in the 1940s, a crisis arises
when the Imperial Army comes to the castle of Montebello and wants "girls" for their Officers
Club. Therese is given a choice - either the Army conscripts women from the village, or she &
some of the other nuns can "volunteer" to be the officers' concubines. Wow, talk about breaking
some taboos, eh?
    I found the story to be engaging, the characters well-rounded and the dialogue to be more or
less believeable. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was honest humor in these pages as
well as sex scenes that are just the right touch of spice that I enjoy. It was fascinating to view
these experiences from the eyes of Therese and the other nuns.
    I especially enjoyed the character of Captain Prince Franz Mefist, the Adjutant of the Army
brigade that occupies the castle. It is he who gives Therese the ultimatum and he who supervises
the nuns' training as the officers' "girls". He is aristocratic with an air of privilege that brooks no
compromise, yet is kind and sympathetic to their plight, even as he gives them no room to
    As the nuns enter their new profession, they learn several things - there are many wonderful
scenes involving their "enlightenment", but I won't spoil the fun by divulging everything here.
    Suffice to say that I recommend that you go read the book. Jacqueline has done a bang-up job
with it & I hope you all enjoy it.

Twiddly Bits (
Therese in her new dress

    Therese looked again in the mirror. The stockings made her legs seem very long. The black of the stockings and lace stood out against the white of her skin, and the neat patch of dark hair that Wanda had left was framed by the straps of the suspender belt. Her hair did nothing to hide the furrow below and the pink frills peeping from it. She found the picture interesting. Did all ladies look like this under their dresses? Nuns certainly did not look like this under their habits.
    “Stop admiring yourself and put this on.”
    Therese reddened and reached for the dress. As she pulled it over her head, it seemed no more than un-sewn scraps of silky material. She pulled the straps up onto her shoulders, and the dress hung loosely from her.
    “Wait a minute.” Wanda was behind her and fumbling low on her hips. She found the zip and started to pull it up. The dress tightened; first around her hips, and then upwards. It squeezed her and tightened about her chest as Wanda clicked the zip home. The bodice of the dress trapped her breasts uncomfortably, and she reached into the décolletage to pull them into place. The effect shocked her. The dress was cut so low that her breasts were almost completely exposed. Worse still, they were lifted up and offered like two ripe fruits on a tray. She stared in horror at the mirror.
    Wanda stood back and looked at her critically. “That’s a very good fit. Especially at the front. Turn around!”
    As she moved, she found her legs restricted by the tightness of the dress around her thighs. In the mirror she could see the shiny blackness moulding her hips and thighs. A lacy flare reached down from her knees to her ankles. Her bottom looked big and obvious.
    Wanda clapped her hands and laughed. “Dear Serge! He loves a good dupka, though not usually female ones. He just can’t help himself. I must get a photograph of you. He’ll be so happy.”
    “But it’s not like me….”
    “Of course not. You used to be a nun, but now…now it’s perfect. If I looked like that I could be Queen of Vienna. Stop complaining and see if you can do your hair and makeup the way I showed you.”
    The room was dark when they entered, lit only by the lights behind the bar and a single bulb of the many in the chandelier. Mefist sat at a table at the edge of the dance floor, and he stood to receive them. The table had glasses, a candle and a bottle of champagne. Wanda led her to him and twirled her around.
    “Doesn’t she look beautiful? Serge deserves a medal, and he’s never even seen her.”
    “My dear, you look wonderful,” said Mefist, bowing to kiss her hand, “and you too, Wanda. If you were in Vienna together, your beauty would set the world on fire. Sit down and we’ll toast the future.”
    While Mefist filled their glasses, Wanda put a record on the gramophone. American music, Cole Porter. The curtain over the entrance to the girls’ rooms rattled aside, and they danced into the room.
    Therese was stunned. After seeing the girls dance naked for so long, seeing them in their new clothes came as a shock. Not that any of them had dresses. They all wore stockings and heeled shoes, but none of them wore knickers. Above their stockings they wore a colourful mix of underwear. Short slips, lacy brassieres, bustiers or transparent night dresses, all different. As they danced in the semi-darkness, they hinted at sex and wickedness. Therese had seen none of this worldliness in them before.
    “Dance with them,” whispered Mefist. “They’re your girls….”
    Moving carefully in her high shoes, Therese was passed from arm to arm as she danced. Suddenly she no longer knew these girls, these beautiful women with their erotic clothes and their naked, siren sexes. They were elegant and smooth in her arms. Their hair swayed as they moved, and their red lips smiled at her. They frightened her.
Sexy Romance