A sparkling collection of stories from Jacqueline, all bound in one delicious volume.

Just made to be dipped into and savoured, each story exciting and exotic. Exotic in place, or time, or even in the romance it portrays.

This is a book to be shared between lovers.  The stories are set in Europe, Asia and Australia and peep into the different sexy things we do in the name of love. Straight, gay and undecided, refined and down to earth, magic and history, they are all here and all tantalisingly sexy.

Try lying in bed and reading it to your partner. The result will probably take you by surprise...
Love, and Soft lighting

Some-one once said that erotica is simply porn with the lights turned low. I'm not so sure of that because porn is such a negative word and even in an arc-light's glare, I don't write porn. Sure, it might be fun now and again but there is a difference, and it is a big one.

No-one ever speaks lyrically about romance and porn. On the other hand, romance and the erotic are natural partners. And they come in so many shapes and colours! Erotic romance is inexhaustible and, as an author, I will never run out of new ideas to explore. And boredom? Never, not even when I have over-indulged and just want to fall asleep in a warm glow.

Here is a collection of stories - some short, some novellas - for lovers to enjoy and remember together. The thought of you doing just that is my biggest reward...
An Evening with Mark
Marc is handsome and desirable, but he is also arrogant and does not return a lady's phone calls.
Something will have to be done about him but, when Noelle and her friends try to discipline him, the result is shocking.
Julian and the Exhibition
Julian has artistic talent and loves to paint his lady's nude portrait. Then he betrays her in a way she had never expected.

On a Summer Afternoon
Europe is soaked in history and sometimes it can be hard to remember just when you stand. Darina and her cat Rudy meet Stefan Berent, soldier of fortune and recently returned from the wars.
An Afternoon at Pretty Pool
In a dry mining town in Western Australia, Jason has little chance of finding a woman. He must make do with what he can find, and that might be more exciting than he had expected.
The Castle
It is Central Europe in war time, and the Security Police are terrorising the village. Gabriele the school teacher goes up to the castle to beg the commanding officer to intervene. He agrees to help, at a price...
Some countries in South-east Asia are famous for beautiful girls who are not quite what they seem.
Tim peeps into this transsexual world to find Jane can offer him more than he had ever imagined.
Dogging... and Me?
One day, on a sunny beach in Cyprus, Rob persuades his lady to share a little fun with a passing German tourist. She is shocked by her reaction and the sexy memories that afternnoon leaves. Afterwards, home in England will seem very boring, unless...
On a back road in Devon, Virginia glimpses an old fashioned gypsy caravan and just has to see more. She finds John the gypsy, with his horse and dog, living a life outside the modern world. He is irresistibly romantic and she just has to get to know him better.
An Evening in Bangkok
Have you ever wondered just what gay men do in their clubs? Gina is treated to an evening out in Bangkok, watching a gay friend and his catch of the night, in the club and later back at their hotel.

A Colourful Life
Fabian, a computer engineer in Bremen, is taken over by a poor but beautiful student from Sri Lanka. He is a nerd and cannot believe his luck, especially when she shows her wild and sexy side. Life suddenly becomes very interesting.
Working for Jeremy
Would you think about giving sex for money? The correct reply is, of course, how much money? Shirley's boss treats all his ladies well and, in return for the best of times, can be very generous.
That much money, coming from a handsome and caring gentleman, is enough to turn any girl's head.